Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet the Founders!

Meet Gwen & Lindsey next Saturday, May 8th at Gracious Home @ 1992 Broadway in NYC! They'll be on hand to share their tips & samples will be given out for you to take home & try!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Laundress Brings Glamour To The Kitchen

Leave it to The Laundress to bring glamour to doing the dishes... I have everyone of their products, and I can hardly wait to try get my little hands on these. The Laundress products do a superior job, and you've got to just love the design of their extremely chic packaging! Visit The Laundress here
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coming soon...

The Laundress at Broadway Chemists
2341 Broadway btwn. 85th and 86th Street

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Washing Silk Scarves

Step-by-step with Gwen...

I washed 2 different silk scarves. One by hand and the other in the machine.

First scarf - Hermes.
Bucket with tepid water and 2 capfuls delicate wash (as per directions on bottle)
Swooshed around and soaked for 30 minutes.

Rinsed well in the sink then hung to dry.

Laying flat is good too.
Second scarf was a Ralph Lauren silk.
I put in a large mesh bag and put in the machine. Delicate cycle with cold water.
I added a few other delicate items in the same color family and added 3 caps of detergent. (I didn't use all 4 since the load was so small).
After the cycle was finished I removed and hung to dry.

Both items were dry within an hour and totally perfect. I gave a quick steam before I folded and put away.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Laundress is featured on "The Daily Basics"

Picture this …

A deep mattress bed. Soft down pillows. The covers turned back just waiting for you to climb in at the end of your tortuously tough day. The kids are asleep, that book you have been dying to sink your teeth into sits waiting for you by your bedside. You finally get in sliding between the softest, lavender scented pressed sheets. You have found luxury right here in your own home. You take a deep breath and sigh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Suddenly your eyes snap open and you realize that your sheets are scratchy, your pillows are too hard and you are facing a night of tossing and turning as usual.

Time for a change.

You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, sleeping, being sick, reading, watching t.v. or whatever. Doesn’t your bed deserve a bit of attention to detail? Wouldn’t you like your whatever life to improve? Darn tootin’ you would.

Not only will the following seven steps make your life feel more luxurious, but you will be better rested, healthier and happier.

Step One:
The bed. If you don’t have a proper comfy bed, get out there and get one. A bad mattress can ruin your posture, your sleeping habits and can cause all kinds of aches and pains. Go to a few bed stores and test them out. Make a Saturday out of it.

Step Two:
The pillows. Get yourself some fabulous pillows. Try down pillows (if you are not allergic) . They come in all kinds of softness. Fabulous down pillows can be found at L.L. Bean or Lands End.

Step Three:
Mattress covers. Yup, those, too. Make sure you get a good quality quilted one. It will be protective of the mattress and add comfort to your sleep. Good ones are at L.L. Bean or Lands End or just go down to your local Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target for good basics.

Step Four:
The sheets. Here is the zinger. You are going to go buy sheets. New sheets. Cotton sheets. Not polyester. You might put your foot down here and not want to buy the pure cotton sheets because, face it, you are going to have to iron them. You might want a blend. That’s okay, too, but you must buy quality. Not only will they give you that much more pleasure, but they will last so much longer! Look for Egyptian, Italian linen, Combed Cotton or Pima.

Some favorites, expensive but SO worth it…. Matouk, Pratesi, Porthault, Anichini, Sferra and so on. Get educated. Compare the fine linens with the average ones. You'll see the difference. You’ll want the best.

Step Five:
Washing. If you want your sheets to feel the best and last the longest, listen up. Do it right every time, no cheating. The Laundress will tell you everything you need to know from A – Z.

Lindsey Wieber Boyd and Gwen Whiting This is no joke - these gals are laundresses. That's right. They graduated from Cornell with degrees in Fiber Science, Textile and Apparel Management and Design. They figured out the science of doing laundry to perfection. Check them out at

The Laundress products are Eco-chic, concentrated, 100% biodegradable and are allergen free. Their soaps are specific. They include laundry soap for ; general, lights, darks, delicate, baby, swimwear, wool & cashmere, denim and sports clothing.

In addition to the laundry soaps, they have developed a complete home cleaning line including an herbal scented vinegar that cleans like no body’s business!

Click here to get recipes on how to get your laundry looking as good as the day you bought it!

Step Six:
Drying. What brand of washer and dryer you choose is certainly up to you. The new front loaders with steam are mega-fantastic. Much of the time, a quick iron is all you need to finish off what these machines do to your laundry. The other way to dry your sheets is the old-fashioned way. On a clothes line. There is something about line drying clothes that makes them smell fresher and cleaner. Besides that, it is eco-friendly or as we like to say here at The DB, it’s just like Grandma use to do it.

Step Seven:
Ironing made easy. The Rowenta. The cream of the crop in irons, Rowenta’s irons are pricey and worth it. This light weight iron has steam features you have never heard of before. It makes ironing a pleasure and your clothes and linens come out perfect every time.

How do you iron sheets? Easy. Immediately after they finish drying, fold them flat. That is the initial pressing. When you go to iron them (use steam or spritz with water or starch), you iron the top 10″ perfectly. Fold the sheet twice over and press again. Fold twice over again and press. Fold to storage size. Make sure you iron your pillowcases to perfection.

Pleasant dreams and…whatever.

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Friday, April 16, 2010


The Laundress new Home Cleaning line at 1220 3rd Ave - Gracious Home...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Q & A

Lindsey interviews Stacy Van Praagh, President of Fendi North America

Q: Just getting back from Milan-what are the Spring/Summer Trends for 2010 must haves?
A: Lingerie - inspired collections, pastel colors, lucite heels and bags.

Q: After working with you in Chanel Ready-to-Wear and knowing you for almost 8 years…you have an eye for textures and fabrics. What are your Favorite Fabrics to wear?

A: Knits, Knits, Knits and leather. I love knits that are soft merinos, cashmere, and cashmere/silk. I love these fabrics for dresses as well as jacket like cardigans also leather jackets, skirts and leggings.

Q: What is your favorite Laundress product?
A: Le Labo Rose Laundry Detergent. When my baby was an infant/toddler, I loved the baby spray and detergent. Also I am dying to try laundress home cleaning products.

Q: What do you think every woman must have in their wardrobe?
A: A FENDI Peek a boo, an Oscar de la Renta swing dress, a Kate Spade straw clutch and a Chanel necklace.

Q: 3 things you can’t live without?
1. Le Labo Bergamote 22 fragrance
2. Cashmere/silk scarves from L 'Eclaireur in Paris
3. 2 pairs of sunglasses

Q: Accessories-we all love them and can’t live without….I know you have mounds and mounds of fabulous jewelry, handbags, belts etc…any tips for woman wanting to accessorize and invest in a few keys pieces?
-Multiples of the same bracelet (2-3) paired with many other odd bracelets
-Buy a thick belt in patent or cork and wear over knits, dresses, coats, or jackets
-A great neutral day clutch
-Large scarves – they look chic and keep you warm

Q: During your travels for work, what are you favorite stores you think everyone should see, aside from the Fendi Boutiques? (of course)
A: L 'Eclaireur in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, Duane Reade-all locations

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Laundress & J.Crew

Check out The Laundress for J.Crew Shirt Wash just arrived this month...

Get it here.

Laundering Dress Shirts

We’re pretty particular about our shirts so it’s not surprising that we wanted to develop the best wash around. The Laundress New York for J.Crew Shirt Wash is an exclusive formula that cleans and guards the color of your shirts-without toxic or harsh chemicals.

The best way to care for any shirt is to machine wash using a mesh bag or hand wash as much as possible. This will help decrease the natural wear on the fabric as well as prevent broken or missing buttons. Industrial pressing at the cleaners will loosen, break and lose buttons. Dry Cleaners can also scorch and weaken the fabric and will inevitably lead to fraying and tearing (especially at the seams). Dry cleaning is really tough on fabric, if you take your shirts to the cleaners be sure to request laundering. When using starch shirts should be washed in-between pressing to remove the starch build-up, especially from the dry cleaners.

-Pre-treat underarms and collar and cuffs each time you wash even if you don’t see a stain.
-Use The Laundress for J.Crew Collar & Cuff Bar to remove ring around the collar, stubborn stains, grime and grease commonly found on cuff & shirts. Lather bar with water and work soap into stained areas and soak. When stains are removed, launder with The Laundress for J.Crew Shirt Wash as normal.
-Stains can build up and appear over time from food, body products (deodorant), perspiration & body oils, etc. To treat underarm stains use The Laundress Stain Solution.
-Run hot water (we pour boiling water from the kettle) onto the area and soak. Repeat until satisfied (we recommend this also for coffee and wine stains). Safe for cotton and linen fabrics only.

-Remove and store collar stays to put back in after pressing.
-Use The Laundress for J.Crew Shirt Wash with delicate or normal cycle and cold water. Again, we recommend using mesh bags in the machine to protect fabric and buttons. For best results use hot water on cotton and linen fabric.
-1/16 cup Hand washing , 1/8 cup Front- loading and HE washing machines, 1/4 cup Top- Loading washing machines

-Do not put in the dryer. We recommend hang drying.
-Iron and steam shirts while damp for best results. Always press from the tip (points) of the collar or cuff inwards, not the reverse which will cause wrinkling. For starch we recommend a natural corn starch such as The Laundress Stiffen-Up.

The Laundress in the John Smedley store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Be Green, Do Laundry!

Dry cleaning is so not green...

not to mention:

300 million dry cleaning bags EVERY year are added to landfills...

About 3.5 billion wire hangers get dumped into U.S. landfills every year or the equivalent of 60,000 cars!

Do Laundry, Love Laundry!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Laundress in Bloomingdale's - Short Hills...


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