Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Laundress launched the Home Cleaning Collection in Tokyo

The party took place at Vacant on Thursday, October 14th.

Our Home Cleaning Line…

We had an amazing turn-out…lots of editors, stores, celebrities, designers and friends and fans of the Laundress!

Gwen giving a Bleach Alternative demonstration…

and a Glass & Mirror Spray demonstration…

Gwen with some Japanese hipsters called “Akimen” in Japanese! ;-)

Gwen meeting Mr. Takahiro Abe who designs for Porter.

We love these aprons that our “Laundress ladies” wore for the event made by “Honeymoon”.

Pure Rice Vinegar Cocktails were served…a nod to our Scented Vinegar ;-)

Even Lindsey made an appearance!

Gwen with the ‘George Clooney of Japan’ and two members of our Japanese team…

The launch was a success due to the help of our entire Japanese Laundress team!

This week's Ask The Experts...

I have several new and vintage Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses that are identified as 100% silk (silk jersey?) It says dry clean only, but can they be hand washed/delicate cycle at home?

Hi Jennifer, how exciting! I bet they are beautiful. Follow the below recipe for washing delicates. If there are stains you will want to pre-treat with Stain Solution. I would recommend hand washing and make sure to lay flat and in shape to dry.


Steam after.

Please note: do not wash any DVF rayon or viscose items - they will fit a 2 year old after....based on personal experience.

Happy Laundering!
Gwen Whiting

Hi Gwen,

Thank you so very much for your quick and thoughtful response! I had to laugh about washing the rayon or viscose dresses because, yup, I did that once before too! Comforting that I'm in good company.

Thanks again for the recipe! Absolutely could not exist without The Laundress products!

All my best,

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Laundress in Charlotte, NC

The Laundress display featured at Bedside Manor's recent grand reopening.

Visit their store:
Bedside Manor
6822-E Phillips Place Court
Charlotte, North Carolina 28210

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ask the Experts

I have a white linen jacket which is lined. It does state to either hand wash, line dry or dry clean. I've been having it dry cleaned b/c I'm afraid of it losing it's shape and unsure about how the lining is going to look if it's not professionallly pressed. I would appreciate your suggestions.

Hi Dianne,

I understand your hesitation as it is something we all need to break into slowly from dry cleaning to hand washing an item.

I always wash my blazers. I recommend turning it inside out treating the underarms and cuffs with stain solution and any other visible stains. Put in a mesh washing bag on the delicate cycle-cold or warm water. Then you will hand to dry right side out.

You can press and steam once it is dry. If you want to you can take it to the dry cleaner to have pressed only if you are not satisfied with your pressing.

Gwen and I wash our blazers and steam them all the time. It will make your white blazer look brighter and will remove all the unnecessary chemicals.

You might need to iron and steam linen so we recommend a light starch for this or our Stiffen-Up.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best, Lindsey


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