Friday, August 21, 2009


The Laundress and J.Crew are launching a Denim Detergent in the J.Crew Men’s shop this month. Don’t forget to check out their Levi's Vintage clothing collection, exclusively at J. Crew.

Gwen & Lindsey at the launch event in NYC

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Eco-Chic Traveling Laundress

We love riding our bikes to and from work - it’s the most efficient means of travel in NYC!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Laundress New York developed this specially formulated J.Crew Swimsuit Wash to preserve the color, elasticity and longevity of swimsuits. The scent was made just for us, too—a fragrant mix of bergamot, gardenia, cedarwood, amber and dewy greens. This product is formulated with enzymes to remove buildup from sunscreen, perspiration, body oils, chlorine and salt. For best results, wash only the same colors together. Click here to buy!

Spotlight On: The Laundress

We love this blog posting on us from Closet Couture!

My track record for lacking the proper attention and care regarding my clothes made me particularly interested when I was approached by The Laundress, a company spearheaded by two female entrepreneurs who saw the need for creating a luxury fabric care and specialty detergent line. Declared to take the ‘chore out of laundry,’ I was more than willing to test a few of their products. (‘Frustration’ and ‘struggle’ are two associations that come to mind when thinking about the process of laundry.) The result is that these women have mastered the art of laundry with a balance of the eco-friendly science of their products and the convenience of a complete line of detergent that equips you for any situation (i.e. specific detergents for specific fabric needs.) My favorites are the Denim Wash, the Delicate Wash in baby scent, and their new All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. In the midst of marathon training for fall, I'm particularly obsessed with their new detergents targeted for keeping sports gear and exercise clothes clean: Sport Detergent and Sport Spray. In other words, if you could ever go green and simultaneously do your laundry in class and style, it would most certainly be encapsulated by The Laundress' solution for any laundry-related dilemma.

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The Laundress in Hong Kong

Check out The Laundress in Lane Crawford in Hong Kong...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Laundress Stain Solution

Are you tired of the expensive dry cleaning bills? We are and we also shiver at the thought of wearing those harsh chemicals on our bodies. We found something to solve both those problems, The Laundress. This line of detergent and fabric care products was founded by Lindsey Wieber Boyd and Gwen Whiting and it is fabulous. Both women have backgrounds in apparel and product development and recognized that 90% of items marked dry clean only were truly washable at home and just needed the right product to clean them. The Laundress goods are non-toxic, biodegradable, and allergen free, not to mention they smell so good. We’re featuring The Laundress Stain Solution which can handle tough ones like wine, blood, and grass. Check it out here along with the rest of The Laundress Detergents and fabric care. With The Laundress, you’ll be saving money by doing your “dry cleaning” at home.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Laundress in the Market

The Laundress New York Gift Show Special:

Free Shipping on all orders $400 and over - your order must be placed and ship within the month of August 2009.

E-mail with any questions.

The Laundress in Isetan Japan

We love this store in Tokyo-The Laundress Whites Detergent and Fabric Conditioner is featured this month in their window.


Frustrated with tough stains, not sure how to clean your precious heirlooms, sick of yellowing on your favorite tees? Fret no more "Ask The Experts Gwen & Lindsey" on our website.

Here is this week's question and answer:

Q: "I am trying to get my white sheets nice and white. While I regularly use your Whites detergent for them, I will admit that I have also tried it with bleach and feel this may have actually hurt my cause (as they are now dingy and a little yellowed). Do you have a recommendation on how to get them white again? Should I consider adding some of your new bleach alternative? Love your products, thank you so much!" -Stephanie

A: "Hi Stephanie, I feel your pain. I understand the need to go to the dark side (bleach) sometimes....usually, it works, however the downturns need to be known. One of the reasons I call it the dark side is because it will and does weaken the fabrics. I have literally put my hand through multiple sets of fitted sheets prior to my laundress career! Secondly, bleach yellows polyester, silk and synthetic fibers - so if your linens have any kind of blend this would attribute to yellowing. And just plain and simple - sometimes chlorine bleach results are yellowing vs. whitening. I do recommend our bleach alternative, we have been so excited about the performance - and if it doesn't solve your bedding problems you can use it for your other laundry and to clean your whole house! Happy laundering!" -Gwen

Swimwear Care with THE LAUNDRESS keeps your swimwear clean and smelling fresh

THE LAUNDRESS knows how tough chlorine, salt and sand can be on your swimwear. THE LAUNDRESS Swimwear Care is specifically designed to be delicate on your items while thoroughly removing buildup. This product is perfect for both hand and machine washing. It comes in THE LAUNDRESS Classic scent, is non-toxic, biodegradable and allergen free ($8 at The Laundress)


The Laundress fabric-care line and Le Labo perfumery unite to bring you Rose 31 detergent, proving you don’t need a perfume when your clothes wear it for you. Other eco- friendly soaps include Classic Denim Wash and Cedar Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Rose 31, $45; Denim Wash, $18; Wool & Cashmere, $18. —Allison Kornberg


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