Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Posh Looking Potty

Hard water can leave behind mineral deposits and scale, while soft water can leave unsighlty brown mold. From disinfectants to dyes and lots of scary chemicals including chlorine bleach and ammonia, choosing the right toilet cleaner can leave your “head” spinning…literally.  And who needs it- honestly its just not that hard!

We clean our “thrones” with just a sprinkle of AllPurpose Bleach Alternative and Vinegar and let soak, totally natural but powerful and a true disinfectant.  

The granular bleach alternative will work to disinfect while the acidic vinegar safely breaks down hard mineral stains.

Simply flush and all mess will remove.

To avoid serious staining and keep for a more presentable looking potty, follow these steps and brush frequently; eliminating dirty drama!

*Tip- If you’re going away for a while or have a toilet that is not used often, leave a sprinkle of Bleach Alternative and a splash of Vinegar in it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


We were interviewed by the amazingly talented and fellow Cornell alum Lindsey from LINDSEYBELLE Photography.

Click here to read her "pass it on" interview with us and see more photos from our shoot in Central Park!

Thanks Lindsey! xo

Monday, January 9, 2012

Greening Your Home for the New Year

Flip and rotate your mattress. Steaming will help to kill dust mites and adding Ironing Water will leave your mattress smelling Classic .

Clean your washing machine with Scented Vinegar and remove any excess detergent build-up from last year!

Adding Bleach Alternative to your dishwashing cycle and Vinegar to your rinse aid dispenser will leave your dishes and glassware sparkling brighter than “the ball” in Times Square!

Sprinkle All-Purpose Bleach Alternativeleave for an hour and vacuum off, for a NEW way to remove dirt and odors from your carpets and area rugs.

Let’s make 2012 the year of “less is more”…safe for multiple surfaces throughout the home.
Tired of waste and replace? Our Dish Cloth and Brush are washable and reusable…re-SOLUTION!

A new twist on a “trusty friend”; the Goat HairDuster safely removes dust from all surfaces.

One product for all…now that deserves a toast!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Laundress & Redecker

We love our partners at Redecker in Germany who are the absolute brush making experts.  Talk about “turning a domestic chore into a luxurious experience!”

I was so lucky to spend some time with Mr. Redecker and son Felix Redecker and give it a go at making my own brush- I think I will stick with the soap and let them work with the bristles!

Yes, luxurious, but totally practical and amazingly crafted with the best materials and each hand made with love. 

There are even tools without plugs that make cleaning effortless! Lindsey and I keep finding more nooks and crannies to use this on- keyboards, pleated lamp shades, blinds, books…

We keep finding more and more fantastic cleaning tools from them and we seem to have gotten many other people addicted to them too.

This woven cloth made with fine copper thread is amazing- from scrubbing pots and pans, bathroom soap scums  to the finest china- it is deceivingly gentle.  

Is this not the most fabulous duster you have ever seen?? The perfect home accessory.

My wine glasses have never been so clean. Lindsey loves this for her baby bottles and parts.

Lindsey and I will do anything for our cashmere…we even brush it in between wearing!

The broom can even take on Central Park!


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