Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introducing - The Laundress Candles!

We had a most delightful time last night at the Candle Launch! An elegant affair, more akin to an art opening than a product launch, the soiree was held at the elegant and illustrious National Arts Club in Manhattan. With editors and friends in attendance, Lindsey and Gwen introduced the hand poured creations which will be available for the holiday season. Also present was the lovely Daniela Kamiliotis, the artist behind our beloved Laundress Lady illustrations and designer of the enchanting and understated candle packaging, as well as the creative force behind the art featured alongside our own newest creations.

Many thanks to all who joined us for such a historic unveiling!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coming Soon...Big New Product Launch Tonight!

The Laundress Ladies will be celebrating tonight! More news for you tomorrow...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Honorable Rebel Cleans Fur!

We recently received a message from the amazing Honorable Rebel asking for tips to clean a vintage fur. Because fur cleaning is such a tricky endeavor, we were even inspired by the query to post some of our own tricks for keeping fur fresh - Check out last week's Friday Tip Day, if you haven't yet seen it.

This week, we saw her post describing her resulting experience cleaning a vintage fur stole - and what a wonderful resource it is!  She gives a detailed accounting of her process and results, be sure to check it out before you undertake your own fur cleaning project. And - as always - tell us about your experience after you do!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Spotted! The Laundress at J.Crew Madison Avenue

The Laundress is now at a select 85 J.Crew stores - and was recently spotted at the J.Crew Women's Collection Shop on Madison Ave.

Gwen paid the shop a visit and had the opportunity to chat with our favorite stylist, Liz. Having the Laundress wisdom at her fingertips, Liz took advantage of the moment to get some cleaning tips straight from the source.

Liz just got a key piece for her new fall uniform - a navy cashmere sweater, of course!

She hasn't had a day off yet to wash - and dry in time - her newest go-to sweater. In the meantime she has been putting in the freezer each night to keep it fresh. Gwen told her she should be using the steamer in the back room instead - steam is more effective to kill bacteria (which causes odor) and the moisture is ideal to fluff and freshen the yarns too! Liz is also getting a Cashmere Spray, which has natural antibacterial properties to freshen between washing and wearing as well - complements of The Laundress.

Liz tells us that the Sweater Comb has been popular with the customers, and is imperative for her daily cashmere wears & combs, too!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Tip Day : Fur Care

While serious fur care is best left to the professionals (find your closest Authorized Fur Care Specialist HERE), maintaining your furs throughout the season will save you significantly in the long run. As always, we do not recommend dry cleaning - especially in the case of fur - as it will only ruin your investment.

Our personal - at-home & DIY - approach to cleaning fur would be to sprinkle with cornstarch or other powder (some professional cleaners use corncobs and walnut shells!), let sit 30 mins, and shake out well. The powder absorbs the dust and dirt that has attached to the hairs and, when shaken out, leaves the fur cleaner without drying out the pelt.

Maintenance is Key! We've had great results using the Laundress Crease Release to keep our furs conditioned and soft, and our Fabric Fresh keep them free from odor!

Check here for the Fur Information Council of America's (FICA) fur care tips. For those who want more information on DIY Cleaning, check out this set of instructions. Braver, and more industrious, souls should read this guide to glazing (we have not tried this, but if you decide to take the plunge, let us know how it worked!) When all else fails, recycling your fur into a new piece is a great way to breathe new life into your investment - Check out this Starter Kit from industry veteran and our go-to expert Tom Moriber from Furever Furs.

Hope this helps - and best of luck!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Laundress Home Cleaning Products Featured in New Video

 There's a great video over at from Home & Lifestyle expert Kelley Moore illustrating many of the uses of our various home cleaning products. Better yet - the savings on bundled product packs!

Check it out HERE!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Guide to Our Scents

Lady is available with our Delicate Wash and Delicate Spray.

Our Baby Detergent, Baby Fabric Conditioner and Fabric Fresh Baby share this quintessential scent.

The Laundress Wool&Cashmere Shampoo and Spray are infused with this fresh Cedar Scent.

The Laundress Sport Detergent and Sport Spray are great for maintaining your workout gear!

Many of our Home Cleaning Products are scented with this blend that is perfect for daily use.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Tip Day : Washing Wool & Cashmere

Just in time for Autumn, we bring you a few Tips&Tricks for pulling those cozy sweaters out of storage and putting them back into rotation!

With the combination of our Stain Solution, Wash&Stain Bar, Wool&Cashmere Shampoo and Sweater Stone (or Sweater Comb for finer knits), you'll be ready for a full season of knitwear heaven.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Laundress on SALE at Rue La La NOW!

There's a great deal over at on our products and washing service - but act fast - the sale ends soon. The site sends daily emails to members, filled with incredible deals on all sorts of fabulous items - like ours!

Sign up now to access this fantastic deal on your favorite Laundress products & services - or, if you are already a member, check out the sale before it ends!


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