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The Laundress in Covet LA

May 19, 2010
Everywhere Easy Does It: How to Wash Your Delicates
Laundry Tips from The Laundress

In the immortal words of Linda the Bra Lady, the last thing anybody wants is a “dead bra.” And what’s the killer? Machine washing, that’s what.

Give your skivvies a longer, happier life by watching today’s Easy Does It video starring The Laundress cofounder Lindsey Wieber Boyd. As in so many areas of life, correct undie washing involves gentle agitation and careful pressure.

We demonstrate on a bra here, but the techniques work on all delicates. As a bonus, we also have a video that teaches you how to wash your favorite silk dress — get this — in a machine (yes, really). Swish away. (click here to watch the video demonstration on DailyCandy)

And don't forget to purchase The Laundress products at Covet LA!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lindsey is featured today on Daily Candy!

Click here to watch her video on how to wash delicates and bras by hand and click here to watch her video on how to wash silk in the machine.

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Laundry Day

New to the The Laundress blog, is our loyal Laundress fan Eddie Ross. He is a style, food and decorating expert from his stints on Bravo's Top Design and as an editor at House Beautiful and Martha Stewart magazines. This week, he joins our laundry team and be sure to check out his blog at!

xo, Lindsey & Gwen


Now that spring is finally here, so too is that yearly ritual we’ve all come to know (and dread): spring cleaning! Recently, while lamenting all the laborious chores required to restore our house to its pre-winter splendor, it occurred to me that it wasn’t all that long ago that spring cleaning—indeed all cleaning—was much harder and more time-intensive than it is today. In the old days before washing machines, for instance, we relied strictly on a washboard and Mother Nature to care for our heirloom linens—lemon juice or chlorophyll to remove stains, sunlight to whiten them. Fortunately for all of us these days, simple, time-saving solutions abound, including one of my all-time personal favorites from our friends over at The Laundress.


When it comes to reviving and caring for the antique and vintage linens I’ve collected over the years, The Laundress is my most trusted source. Co-founded by my friend Lindsey Wieber Boyd and her business partner Gwen Whiting, The Laundress is an eco-chic line of specialty detergent and fabric care that takes the chore out of doing laundry. Long frustrated by dingy white t-shirts, ruined items from the dry cleaners and chemically treated cashmere, Lindsey and Gwen developed their own solutions to simplify and master the fine art of laundry. The result is a simple, sophisticated collection of everything you could ever need to care for every kind of fabric you’ll ever come across.


If you’ve ever put off cleaning your great-grandmother’s chenille bedspread because you weren’t sure how to safely do so, then my favorite product from The Laundress will help you do the trick. The All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is non-toxic, allergen-free, and doesn’t rely on any of the harsh chlorines that most detergents do. That means it’s gentle enough to safely brighten colorful vintage linens like the green and white ones here—as well as all those beautifully embroidered hemstitch napkins you’ve been too afraid to use until now!


And to wash and revive light linens like the ones I used for this outdoor tabletop, I love the Whites Detergent, which keeps even the most delicate fabrics looking as good as new. So why not go ahead and dig out the damask tablecloth and hand-pulled linens you’ve been saving for some special occasions? Thanks to The Laundress, you can now actually enjoy them year-round!


Not only do I no longer worry about ruining the linens I own, but I almost never pass up the chance to buy others just because they have a stain or two. I recently came across this antique linen table runner for only $8 at a flea market. Though sullied in a couple of places, the overall quality was outstanding, and I knew that with the help of The Laundress, I’d be able to restore it to its original condition. And sure enough, after cleaning it gently with the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and drying it in the sun for a couple of hours, my old, vintage runner was as good as new!


Now that you’re getting used to the idea of using your favorite vintage linens day in and day out—thanks to the wonders of The Laundress collection—why not go ahead and put together a complimentary mix of them in the powder room? Antique hand towels are not only a wonderful luxury for your guests, but using and reusing them is a great green alternative to disposable paper napkins. I love layering lots of white ones, all with unique edges, embroideries, and hemstitches. It'ss the perfect blend of elegance and interest.


Even the most treasured of family heirlooms—the christening gowns and baby clothes that have been passed down for generations—can be trusted to the care of The Laundress line. Lovingly restore the ones you have, then seek out vintage ones at flea markets and antique malls. The frocks of yesteryear are far sweeter than anything you’ll find new today, and you can buy with confidence knowing how easy it is to restore the garments to their original beauty.


So the next time you encounter a hodgepodge box like this one, take a minute before dismissing it as a lost cause.


Chances are you’ll no longer have to pass on buying beautiful vintage linens because you’re unsure of how to care for them. As long as you unfold them completely and inspect them carefully—remember that creases are a prime spot for dry rot, which usually leads to unsalvageable tears and rips—you’ll most likely come away with linens to last you a lifetime.

Check us out in the new Barney's catalog!

We're Featured on Denim Therapy's blog

Oh You Dirty-Dirty Girl!
–Nikki Cho Russo

Denim Therapy has been in bed with The Laundress and we love the service she gives…laundering our denim, that is. Oh, behave! I bet you didn’t know that besides their amazing Denim Wash product, they have a special denim cleaning service?

The Laundress Denim Service offers the best care for your beloved (and often overpriced) denim. There’s no need to run to the dry cleaners or deny those beloved pairs a good washing because you are afraid they will fade, won’t be the same or have the perfect hole ruined. Fret no more, we have the perfect method which combines The Laundress Denim Wash and cleaning from the experts in laundering.

So, don’t let your dirty little dungarees get out of control. Shower them with love in the loving hands of The Laundress Denim Service for only $20 per item. It’s all about the Denim Therapy.

Originally posted: here.


The Laundress in Bloomingdale's - Chestnut Hill

Monday, May 10, 2010


Q: "Hello, I have a beige miu miu jacket that I am not exactly quite certain of the material. The outside seems to be beige cotton and thelining inside is red silk or some sort of soft silk like material. The label does not has developed on its exterior (cotton side) yellow stains. I must have worn it out and forgotten to wash it and stored it away. The caring instructions say do not wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, professional dry clean only with low moisture...the dry cleaners in my town has refused to accept the jacket saying they cannot remove the stain. I have tried rubbing salt and water on it but has not worked. Love the jacket...but what can I do?"
-C.K. in Switzerland

A: Normally, I would say to you should wash it BUT...since it is white and with a red silk lining, I am afraid the lining will bleed color. I washed a cream velvet jacket of mine and it washes perfectly except the maroon synthetic lining bleeds (which can easily happen). Having said that....a good quality item..should be fine. Lindsey washes her Chanel jackets all the time and they are perfect. You should spot treat with a stain remover vs. salt. Salt will not really do anything for stains. There is a crazy Swiss product that is made in Switzerland that is a stain bar that someone gave us. It is made from the liver of an ox - (animal enzyme). It works really well- it is an old-school, kind of recipe. It is called REINA ochsengallen-fleckensife savon-detacheurau fiel de boeuf. I can send you a picture if you like. I will attach the recipe/video for spot treating that we use for our stain bar- which is non-animal based vegetable and borax...
(click on the video camera icon)

Happy laundering!

Gracious Home Event

Pictures from our Gracious Home event on Saturday, we had a great time!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Laundress featured on Mrs Lilien's Styling House

We absolutely love this blog so we're delighted to be featured on it!

Shouldn't fabulousness filter through every facet of our Mrs beings? Precisely! That's why these sweet nothings are what you are seeings! White cotton panties are just plain boring - but shimmering fancy pants are totally adoring! Prancing around in your boudoir best - will not only make you feel pretty but will certainly add some bedroom zest! Purchasing cheeky chic knickers and such by the cases - will ensure that you're fabulously boudoir clad on a daily basis. It just takes a little effort to avoid looking frumpy - to make it easy why not throw your unsightly underpinnings in the dumpy! So, go on and spruce up your bedroom attire, who knows what might transpire... regardless, it will only fuel your Mrs fire!
[Psst...In order to keep your fancy pants looking posh - you must hand launder them with a delicate wash!]
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paper Towels: 3,000 Tons of Landfill Waste Each Day

By: Sam Greyhawk

With over 90% of US households taking advantage of the convenience of paper towels we produce over 3,000 tons of waste each day. Is this problem insurmountable? No - if each home simply replaced one roll of their traditional paper towels with paper towels made from recycled paper, we could avoid wasting 3.4 million cubic feet of landfill space and prevent 864,000 trees from being cut down.

The Benefits of Recycled Paper Towels:
By using recycled paper towels we are doing much more than just reducing landfill waste. According to Ideal Bite, "For every ton of 100% recycled paper that is bought, about 4000kWh of energy and 7,000 gallons of water are saved. It also avoids releasing 60 lbs of pollutants into the air."

Reducing Paper Towel Waste:
Even using recycled paper towels people tend to have wasteful habits. What can you do to graciously help remind people to reduce their paper towel consumption? You can participate in campaigns against consumer paper waste. It is these very wasteful habits that motivate projects like "These Come From Trees."

"Remember... These Come From Trees":

According to the "These Come From Trees" blog they are an "experiment in environmentalism, viral marketing, and user interface design with the goal of reducing consumer waste paper!" What exactly is this "experiment?" Using low cost vinyl stickers and guerilla marketing tactics the ad-hoc "The Come From Trees" team spread the message of reducing consumer paper waste. Here is a breakdown of their strategy:

That's it. To quote the These Come From Trees Blog, it really is amazing "how the right message at the right time can make the difference." Since each sticker includes a URL for people to visit ( they help promote public awareness to this growing issue.

How Effective Are Projects Like This?:
According to testing completed by the These Come From Trees team, their awareness stickers can reduce paper towel consumption by up to 15%, they continue, stating each sticker can save about 100 lbs of paper a year which is the equivalent to one tree. When you consider that the average coffee shop uses around 1000 lbs of paper towels and the average fast food restaurant with two restrooms can use up to 2000 lbs a year, 15% can add up to a lot of savings.

What about Reusable Replacements for Paper Towels?:
Even though paper towels are commonplace they are not the only solution, products made of cotton or linen can be washed and reused many times over. In some cases sponges which offer a longer product lifetime, can handle the work you may normally relegate to a paper towel.

Choosing the Best Option for the Situation:
While you can easily control your options at home and guerilla projects like "Remember... These Come From Trees" remind people to reduce their usage in public areas, it's important to always understand the best option for each situation you find yourself in - environmentally speaking.

If you are drying your hands and have the choice between an electric hand dryer and paper towels, what is the best choice for the environment? While electric hand dryers have the environmental cost of the electricity used to power them, in terms of overall energy costs, solid waste, maintenance and janitorial costs, electric hand dryers are more efficient than paper towels. While electric hand dryers are continually improved by manufacturers and continue to get more energy efficient, the paper towel has, for all intents and purposes, reached it's plateau.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

While you are constantly bombarded by the three R's, "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle," this is yet another case where the three R's offer society the best solution. By reducing our paper towel usage, we can prevent more trees from being cut down and prevent the emissions created by the manufacturing of new paper. By moving towards more reusable options such as washable cloth, we can stop the cycle of waste completely. By purchasing recycling paper products and recycling our paper products at the end of their lives we can conserve our valuable natural resources and reduce emissions.

Convenience items such as paper towels began as a luxury, became commonplace and now are subject to mass abuse. Who pays the cost for this abuse? The environment. By making smarter choices we can reduce the paper waste we contribute to and recycle our existing paper products. With an ever growing population and a static land size we are faced with the sobering prospect of running out of our precious natural resources. Do you part by remembering to conserve what and where you can.

Originally posted: here.

A green alternative to paper towels:
We created our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths - a set of 3 white 100% cotton lint free cleaning cloths for spot treating on clothing and upholstery or for cleaning glass, windows, dishes and more. Designed for optimal results with less waste - just wash and reuse. Each cloth is 19” x 28.5”

Get them here.

Cleaning Antique/Heirloom Linens

Washing Antique Linens*
*this process is for cotton and linen only synthetic and silk may need different treatment.

Lindsey has been washing and treating lots of vintage linens from her family textiles.

They have been turning out amazingly well...see below how to treat textiles from tablecloths to christening gowns.



-Prepare a bath of hot water with The Laundress Bleach Alternative. Add at least 2 capfuls depending on size of soaking basin.

-Apply Stain Solution directly on the stained areas - plunge textile into bath. Soak and sit for about 20 minutes. The first bath is the shortest as you will want to dump it out to remove the very dirty water and repeat with a clean bath.

-Repeat 1 or 2 more times until satisfied. Soaking longer each time is good too.

-Launder after with the appropriate detergent - Whites or Signature.
*we do not recommend using fabric softener or other products with the pieces.

*Do not starch if you are planning on storing again (a lot of the stains and damage you are removing is from the old starch.)

-Hang to dry, do not use the dryer.

-Press while damp.



Monday, May 3, 2010

The Laundress in Swaddle

The Laundress in "Swaddle" - a baby and children's boutique located on 18th St in the Homewood Village of Birmingham, AL.
2825 18th St S Homewood, AL 35209.
Ph: 205.870.3503
Owners: Marissa Mitchell and Emily Rhodes. Allie works in the store with them. In the picture below, Emily is on the left, then Marissa, then Allie.
They are having their one year store anniversary this July!

Some Laundress "miracles" they have experienced:

Using the Stain Solution, Emily got out hot pink ink stain of white pants that had already been laundered and dried in dryer over a year ago.

Marissa has a 2yr old little girl and 4 yr old little boy. She has gotten out numerous stains from her active on the go kids clothing. Her little boy has eczema and can not use most detergents. They love the baby detergent and fabric conditioner. Has not irritated his skin once! Also loves spraying the kids down with fabric fresh!

Countless customers have gotten out old set in baby spit up stains with the wash and stain bar and stain solution.

Allie who works in the store has sensitive skin and has gotten hooked on the baby detergent and dryer sheets herself. Loves the scent! Hates ironing so will pop a dryer sheet in the dryer to freshen and smooth clothes.

They all love spraying the store and themselves down with the baby fabric fresh!

The Laundress at the Revlon Walk/Run for Breast Cancer

Team Laundress in NYC Saturday, May 1st...


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