Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SkillShare Presents The Laundress - Handwash Your Dry Clean-Only Items!

The Laundress is opening their doors for an in-house class for those in the New York area who want to banish those Dry Cleaning Blues for good! Hurry and sign up while space lasts, there are currently two sessions to chose from!

From SkillShare's Class Description:
Join the co-founders of the Laundress as they go over everything from washing a cashmere sweater to caring for your favorite "dry clean-only" shirt. They will share their tips and tricks on how to care for 90% of your wardrobe without having to run to the dry cleaners. Care for your item and your wallet!

Class Includes:
Hands-on washing demos focused on "dry clean-only" items.
How to wash everything from cashmere to silk and synthetics.
Washing recipes to take with you so that you can do it yourself at home
10% off the entire Laundress collection following the class

Or check out the SkillShare classes in your area!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gwen's Tips & Tricks on GLO!

Gwen was recently interviewed for the excellent online magazine GLO for this "Dream Clean" segment. With Tips & Tricks for spot cleaning and general care of your more delicate or embellished items, this is a great go-to segment for those who are ready to dump their dry cleaner and take control of their laundering!

Check out Gwen's GLO tips, then head over to TheLaundress.com to get some of the mentioned items, including our All Purpose Bleach Alternative, Wool& Cashmere Shampoo, Delicate Wash, Wash&Stain Bar, Mesh Laundry Bags, Classic Fabric Fresh Spray, Stain Solution and even our perennial favorite, the Jiffy Steamer!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Lindsey! Check Her Gift to YOU...

It's Lindsey's special day and she's offering special savings to you!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tales from London - Wash & Stain Bar To The Rescue!

Gwen recently visited London and came back with stories and pictures from her travels. Today she tells us about her Laundress emergency, the delicious salad that caused it, and the miracle solution she happened to be carrying with her.  

It was the first proper lunch I had had in 3 days in which I actually got to sit down to eat. I'd been running around so much, eating a sandwich while walking and shopping, eating in cab, and so forth, I was quite looking forward to sampling some of the incredible cuisine London has to offer!

I was treating myself to the salad specials at the Rose Bakery at the Dover Street Market. Anyone who still thinks the food in Britain is bad is GROSSLY mistaken.

Anyhow, I enjoyed my salads immensely, except I had splattered some of that delicious salad dressing on my white t-shirt.  I still had another Laundress meeting, appointment and a dinner for that day with no time to waste. Being the Laundress lady - I certainly couldn’t tout a very noticeable stain around!  Luckily I had a Wash & Stain Bar in my bag that I planned on giving to my next client, so off I went to the bathroom to operate. 

A few things to note here. As a rule, I can’t stand stain removing during the day while wearing a garment - the wet blob just drives me crazy - but this was an emergency and had to be done. Secondly, there is nothing worse than using PAPER products in this procedure. But again, it had to be done, as it was my only resource in the bathroom.

Here was my process :

I wet the bar and rubbed it on the stain.

I needed a little more water, so I blotted the area*
*blot is the operative word here, do so very gingerly with water on the paper towel, you do not want to transfer paper pulp on your fabric and make the stain even worse with floating pulp.

Stuffed some fresh paper between me and the shirt to aid in the drying process, and lift the uncomfortably wet bit from my chest.

Presto - Gonzo!

Next time, we'll hear about the appointment Gwen went to afterwards!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things We Love for a Garden Party!

The sky is blue and the plants are in bloom - Summer is the Perfect time to host a Garden Party, wouldn't you say? Here's a few of our favorite things for the perfect garden party!


They even do double duty - Use for Cutting and Serving!


 Try using our Kitchen Soap Bar and Dish Cloth to clean wood cutting boards.

Monday, July 16, 2012

We Love Tricia Foley's Tastemaker Tag Sale!

We LOVE Tricia Foley's amazing online marketplace The General Store. Right now, her products are also available at OneKingsLane.com in her Tastemaker Tag Sale. If you are not already a member, it only takes a minute to sign up - they have designer, vintage and one of a kind items available at the click of a button.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mr. Wieber Cleans... Copper!

Lindsey's dad recently spent some time polishing up their antique home in upstate New York, and sent us pictures from his project!

To clean this beautiful antique copper teapot, he used the Laundress Scented Vinegar and Stain Brush along with a few things you probably already have hanging around the house.

Feel free to print out our recipe card for quick reference when you are ready to polish your metals!


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