Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Washing with The Laundress

Lindsey and I moved our offices in December but it wasn’t until around February that our office washing machine and dryer got all set up. We kind of “acquired” a washing machine so despite our wish to get the LG steaming machines we accepted the Whirlpool we had. The Whirlpool is sort of odd or rather unique in which it is a top loader, HE, agitator-less machine (while most HE non agitators are front loaders).

We called Gringer and Sons to get the appropriate matching dryer and found out we had a new option for a “steam” dryer. PERFECT! It was almost as good as our dreams of the LG steam cleaning…..and so it begins...

Welcome to washing with The Laundress!

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Ernesto said...

Hi girls...Hope all is well. I am an American living in London, who only uses The Laundress products. I can only find them at Harrods, but they are not consistent, so there are time when i can not find them at all.....Help
My British friends are starting to love them as well, but the need to get their own.
Best Regards


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