Thursday, June 3, 2010

This week's Ask The Laundress

I have been using your products exclusively now for some time and they are impressive, BUT, ever since I ditched my top loader Maytag for a Kenmore Elite frontloader, my clothes don't come out clean, esp. whites, no matter what I do. Presoak in the bleach alt. use hot H20, etc. Buying a new machine..should I go back to the old top loader? Any suggestions?
Thanks, Pat

Hi Patricia-
I don't believe cleaning your machine is the problem - those machines just do not clean as well as our old school Maytags. Yes, they are more efficient, but not really when you have to re-wash. They use less water, less swashing around...and at the end of the day don't work as well. We have a similiar machine. Our whirlpool is the same make as the Kenmore for sears. I use the whites, extra rinse etc. and the only thing I get is extra twisting of my items wrung in knots. I wish I had better advise or news for you. Real toughies presoak in a basin with hot water. Don't rely on the machine soak function because it isn't enough water.

Best and Happy Laundering,

Follow up Response:
Good Morning Gwen,

I have a bit of follow-up for you. Was expressing my washing woes with a friend who is also a "the laundress" follower and a professed clean freak. She invited me over, along with my dirtiest whites, to try a load in her new Electrolux Wave Touch machine. I spent all morning yesterday scrubbing down floors with my white cloths, and as it rained yesterday and I have 4 little dogs, they got a workout. Into the mix went the white towels I used for washing/drying the car. Had a load of really dirty stuff. Took it all to her house for a test. Used her steam cycle, the bleach alternative and whites detergent, and gave it a go. Figured I'd just dump the towels afterward because nothing could get this mess white again. I was floored and astounded! Absolutely pristine white white white! No stains, residual dirt, nothing. We both have water filtration systems in our homes, so the water is always soft. We both use your products, so that wasn't it. Always use hot water for white towels. As a research chemist, I just can't stop without a reason. Watching the movement of the drum, etc. felt the clothes were tumbled a bit differently, but think it was maybe the steam. I have read pros and cons about whether the steam really does anything, but definitely something worked. The cycle was 90 minutes, with a warm water rinse. I'm off today to shop for a new Electrolux machine. My friend loves hers, and I am certainly sold with the steam cycle. By the way, I often use more water on certain loads after the machine starts, by filling a large pitcher with water and pouring it directly into the soap dispenser, which flows right into the machine, something I'm sure you've already done. Anyway, keep up the good work, thanks for the reply, and happy laundering!


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rudin said...

I don't think it's the steam that does the trick... My obvious recommendation for a front-leader is Miele... Gwen, I can't believe the Laundress founders haven't yet considered buying a Miele :)))


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