Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week's Ask the Experts

I love Laundress products, especially the Wool and Cashmere shampoo and the Delicates wash. My question is this: I have a dress that says dry clean only and it has two parts. The top part is pink and 100% silk and the bottom half is 40% silk and 60% cotton and is dark grey with a blue sash. It is all connected so I can't wash separately. Is it alright to hand wash it even with two different materials, and more importantly a dark color and light color? I'm not sure what other way to clean it, since I don't want to get it dry cleaned. Thank you!!


Hi Caitie,

Does it say dry clean or dry clean only? Usually manufacturers will note dry clean just because it is easier for them. Dry Clean only usually says that for a reason. However, I think they just slap whatever tag they have on hand. Silk and Cotton are both washable and I would use the Delicate Wash and follow these directions:

I cannot predict color this may be a concern that you may choose against washing.

I will attach our washing chart so you can reference washable fabrics going forward:

Happy Laundering!

Follow-up Question:
Thank you so much!! It does say dry clean only. In that case, do you know of any green dry cleaners that you would recommend?

Hi Catie,

You want to ask for a non-perc system - look for hydrocarbon or silicon.


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