Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week's Ask the Experts


The Laundress,

I have purchased your Machine Cleaner in the past and use it monthly in my HE front-load washing machine. At the time of my purchase there were no other products out there to clean your machines, but now there are so many options I'm overwhelmed. The inquiry I have is what are all the differences of the products out there and how do you feel about where your product stands to how well it performs to the others on the market? I want what's best for my machine to keep it clean and performing like brand new! I greatly appreciate your time and response.



Hi Janelle-

Yes, when we made our product there wasn’t really anything else in the market.

I did some investigating-

The Clorox machine cleaner has a few ingredients, but primarily the active ingredient is chlorine bleach.

The Tide product from the vague information it has, has the main ingredient as oxygenated bleach - which is what we use 100% in our All-purpose Bleach Alternative.

The reviews weren’t that great on the Tide site, but I don’t think using a “pouch” is at all helpful and effective.

We also recommend wiping down the machine and “catch areas” too - see more here:

Our product is a very strong, naturally-derived acid, which is really tough, but safe for the environment.

I hope this is helpful and I apologize for the untimely response.

Happy Laundering!


Follow-up Response:

Thank you so much Gwen! I'm sticking with what I know works the best and that's The Laundress! Thanks again for your investigation on the similar products on the market. I love The Laundress!! :)


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