Thursday, January 20, 2011

Parlez-vous français?

Oui. Well...not really, but Vitamine du Jour Montréal does. Vitamin Daily is a Canadian online magazine; a "brainchild of co-founders Tara Parker Tait and Sarah Bancroft. The duo started, the company’s first online magazine, in September 2004 after seeing a gap in the marketplace for timely tips about their home base of Vancouver, Canada. Today, they oversee five city-based websites, Montreal, French Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver as well as a national Moms and Kids edition." From one duo to another, thanks Tara and Sarah for the continued Laundress Love! Don't speak French, that's okay. Don't be discouraged if you still want to check out Vitamin Daily's French publication. Just find a free French-English (or any other combination) dictionary on the world wide web.
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