Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Clean your Freezer...

Gwen recently returned from a 2 week trip to France and naturally while she was away, she lost the power in her apartment.  

That being said, all the food in her freezer melted and made a nice big mess - especially the Ginger Ice Cream, she knew better when she bought it…karma! 

Gwen’s first task was to sort through which items were still good enough to keep and toss what went bad during the meltdown.  She condensed the various bags of frozen bread she had to save space.

She also had to toss all those frozen (now defrosted) meals that her mom slips into her freezer whenever she visits…oh moms!

She then made a bath with Hot Water, All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and All Purpose Bleach Alternative. 

Using the Scrub Brush, Gwen easily removed the mess from the bottom of the freezer; she used the Dish Brush to clean in the cracks and hard to reach places.

*It’s always a good idea to clean out the water and mix a fresh solution; Gwen refreshed the water about halfway through since cleaning with dirty solution is gross!

Since she already had the freezer empty, she figured she would remove the middle rack and shelves on the door…these were simply washed by hand in the sink. Gwen then gave her freezer a final wiping.

 Now all that’s left to do is a trip to Trader Joe’s!

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Paula said...

seeing the Bleach Alternative and srub brush in your photos: yesterday I accidently dropped a spoon full of cassis sorbet on my mum's bath robe. After rinsing the white cotton, blue stains where all over the robe, but Nothing your trio could not get rid of: Bleach alternative, Stain Solution and the brush. Plus hot water and lots of time for soaking, all stains are gone and the robe is brighter than ever.


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