Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Removing Berry Stains

In the spirit of home cleaning, 3 year old Wyatt decided to sneak out of the kitchen and onto the couch with a delicious Blueberry and Banana smoothie.  Inevitably, this summer treat spilled and stained both of Jessica’s embroidered pillows. Thankfully, Jessica has The Laundress on her side.

Jessica first removed the inserts and pre-treated the berry stains with a “paste” of Stain Solution and All Purpose Bleach Alternative.

She then allowed both shams to soak in a bath with All Purpose Bleach Alternative.

Once Jessica pre-treated to her liking she then laundered on a delicate cycle with Signature Detergent.  Removing promptly from the washer she then laid the shams flat to dry.

 Pressing while damp is best to reduce creasing.

 Once both shams were completely dry Jessica put the inserts back in and both pillows were as good as new!

1 comment:

Paula said...

I bet those pillows are even better than new because they now come with this heavenly scent!


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