Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Posh Looking Potty

Hard water can leave behind mineral deposits and scale, while soft water can leave unsighlty brown mold. From disinfectants to dyes and lots of scary chemicals including chlorine bleach and ammonia, choosing the right toilet cleaner can leave your “head” spinning…literally.  And who needs it- honestly its just not that hard!

We clean our “thrones” with just a sprinkle of AllPurpose Bleach Alternative and Vinegar and let soak, totally natural but powerful and a true disinfectant.  

The granular bleach alternative will work to disinfect while the acidic vinegar safely breaks down hard mineral stains.

Simply flush and all mess will remove.

To avoid serious staining and keep for a more presentable looking potty, follow these steps and brush frequently; eliminating dirty drama!

*Tip- If you’re going away for a while or have a toilet that is not used often, leave a sprinkle of Bleach Alternative and a splash of Vinegar in it!

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Carpet Cleaners Portland said...

As always, you've provided a very timely information for homeowners. Good job!


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