Thursday, March 15, 2012

Got Static?! We have the solution!

• Synthetic fibers, especially polyester, nylon and their blends, are the major culprits.  These fibers are prone to building up static electricity when subjected to friction.
• Don’t let those natural fibers fool you…they’re suspect too! Just not to the same extent.
• Static electricity is both the accumulation of an electric charge on an isolated body and the electrical discharge resulting from that buildup.

• Static makes its annual debut when the humidity drops and the cold, dry weather sets in.
• These fibers can also build-up a charge (and we’re not talking about your Visa) when you wear them, use the dryer; even carpets can become charged when you walk over them.
Where can you purchase anti-static spray?
The Laundress - our Static Solution is in our classic scent and is a non-aerosol and non-toxic solution to combat those embarrassing static moments.
Not only is it embarrassing but…
•  It will attract dirt to fabrics and soil garments.
•  Minor electrical shocks that may be painful.

How to resolve?
• Spray Static Solution at static area or in between body and garment or in between layers (Trousers/Socks, Skit/Stockings).
• Known to be used on the head too!
• Using fabric conditioner in the wash will help to eliminate static buildup.
• Avoid the dryer as this builds a serious charge. 

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