Monday, October 15, 2012

Spotted! The Laundress at J.Crew Madison Avenue

The Laundress is now at a select 85 J.Crew stores - and was recently spotted at the J.Crew Women's Collection Shop on Madison Ave.

Gwen paid the shop a visit and had the opportunity to chat with our favorite stylist, Liz. Having the Laundress wisdom at her fingertips, Liz took advantage of the moment to get some cleaning tips straight from the source.

Liz just got a key piece for her new fall uniform - a navy cashmere sweater, of course!

She hasn't had a day off yet to wash - and dry in time - her newest go-to sweater. In the meantime she has been putting in the freezer each night to keep it fresh. Gwen told her she should be using the steamer in the back room instead - steam is more effective to kill bacteria (which causes odor) and the moisture is ideal to fluff and freshen the yarns too! Liz is also getting a Cashmere Spray, which has natural antibacterial properties to freshen between washing and wearing as well - complements of The Laundress.

Liz tells us that the Sweater Comb has been popular with the customers, and is imperative for her daily cashmere wears & combs, too!

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