Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Wash the Perfect T : Pickwick & Weller Interview Gwen & Lindsey

Finding the perfect T-shirt is, for some, a lifelong journey. The feel of the fabric, the drape of the cut... it comes down to slight differences which can elevate a simple T-shirt into an all purpose piece that is as appropriate on a Sunday stroll as it is in the office Monday morning. We were so relieved when we discovered Pickwick & Weller, a clothing company committed to elevating the T to new heights, or as they put it, "...refining the notion of timeless staples, one t-shirt at a time."

So devoted are they to their mission of spreading the word of the T-shirt that they offer the amazing option of a Home Fit Kit - just answer a few prompts about your preferred neckline, fit, color & style, and they show you their custom recommendations for your Home Fit Kit. Not totally pleased? You can edit any and all the shirts to come up with the selection that tickles your fancy. Once your package arrives, you have 10 days to decide which ones you want to keep, and you can send the rest back! If that is not enough - they are currently offering a bit of a Holiday gift to customers - get a gift certificate for a loved one and receive a free shirt for yourself! How cool is that?

We are perhaps most excited about the chance to talk to them about our mutual passion - quality fabric care - because when you've finally found the perfect T, you certainly want to make sure it's well taken care of. Check out the interview for some tips on water temperature, stain removal and the perfect way to dry your clothes... (hint : it's free!) Read the interview for all this and more!

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