Monday, January 14, 2013

The Laundress Hearts Tokyo - Part 1

In November, Lindsey took a journey to Tokyo to visit our Laundress Japanese Team (and beloved retail stores), launch The Laundress Candles, meet the press, and give cleaning demonstrations to Laundress clients and fans…needless to say she was very busy.

In spite of her jam packed itinerary (see below), she managed to slip in some time for good food and some serious shopping - Here's some highlights from the first half of her whirlwind trip - Part 2 is coming tomorrow!!

Curious about some of the places Lindsey talks about? Follow the links to find out more!
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Adam & Eve Korean Spa
Onoashi Big Mama Concierge
Mitsukoshi Department Store
Tori No Ichi Festival


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