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5 Questions With....The Laundress!
In addition to your wedding dress and accessories, you'll probably purchase and/or receive a variety of lingerie for your honeymoon. And unlike your dress, lingerie can be worn again and again so you'll need to know how to properly care for your intimates. We asked Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting, co-founders of The Laundress—a line of luxury fabric care, specialty detergents and laundry-related accessories—how to travel with, clean and store lingerie. Here's what they had to say: —Anne Chertoff

How should one wash their lingerie? Are there some basic do's and don'ts?
The biggest rules are to always hand wash and air dry—no dryer. A laundry basin or sink are great options and always remember to wash in cold water that is best for delicate fabrics. If there are stains you may just want to add more detergent to make sure they are fully cleaned. Also remember to lay flat to dry so that it does not distort the item.

When traveling, is there a best way to pack and store your lingerie?
Yes! We recommend storing your items in storage bags so that you can avoid damage and protect them from other items in your suitcase. We recommend purchasing storage bags for all your intimates and laundry. It saves the embarrassment from any unwanted security checks into your bags. It keeps them nice and discreet.

Which fabrics should you always hand wash and which fabrics can go in a machine?
Cottons, linens, polyester and acetate and some rayons are fine for the machine, but silks, satin or any time of blends with those fabrics should be hand washed. If you are planning on using a machine, a mesh washing bag is always the best option, and remember not to keep it on a long washing cycle or in hot water. Only cold water for delicate items.

How do you spot clean lingerie?
We recommend using our Laundress Wash & Stain Bars
for spot cleaning because they are a concentrated dose of detergent that allows you to clean the garment very effectively. You can use them just like a bar of soap and work them into the stains very gently. Make sure not to over soak as it may damage fabrics.

When storing lingerie in your home, are there any special instructions one should follow?
Lingerie can just be stored in a special cloth bags (not plastic) to avoid damage. You may also want to consider storing with a natural moth repellent infused with lavender to keep them fresh.

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