Thursday, February 19, 2009

We love this super cute blog posting about The Laundress!


Of course my first 'real' entry has to be about something as exciting as laundry (really hooks the audience). Working for California Closets for over 6 years, I learned a lot about caring for and preserving your belongings. Caring for your clothing is as important as organizing it! My believe around clothing is to buy great quality and take really good care of it. Nothing makes me more upset than wasting money on clothes that fall apart. I would rather spend $400 on a dress that lasts years, than $50 on something I can only wear a couple of times - my style is more classic with an edge, less trendy (I need to mention, though, that the best t-shirt on the market is the "My Favorite T" from the GAP. They're about $2o and better than anything else out there - expensive or cheap).

Back to laundry. The best laundry detergent I have ever used is from a small company called "The Laundress." The company was started by two friends who had years of experience in the textile and fashion world. They created a luxury fabric care line that helps to preserve all types of fabric, saves trips to the dry cleaner, is good for you and the environment, and has 4 different fragrance lines that smell divine. I love the whole line, but if I had to chose I would buy the "Delicate Wash", "Darks Detergent", "Fabric Fresh", and "Wool & Cashmere Shampoo"'s really hard to choose because every product is amazing.

If you are used to grocery store bought detergent, the prices will shock you, but I justify this luxury by thinking about how long my clothing will look fabulous and the dry cleaning bills I won't have - plus, the products are concentrated. You can find this line in some high-end home and beauty boutiques, but I think it's easiest to buy from their website. Be sure to check out their whole website - I think it's amazing. I love the "Things We Love" posts...such a great idea for any business website.

Check out the products and let me know what you think.
Funny Note: When my boyfriend and I were discussing Valentine's Day, I said I didn't want anything because I would rather save for travel or for something in our newly remodeled house later in the year... but then I decided to ask him for some detergent from
The Laundress. I'm not kidding. I'm such a romantic.

Check out her blog, The Krafty Life, here...

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