Tuesday, July 28, 2009

EXERCISE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Sweat it to protect it

Most of us know the basics of being environmentally friendly: recycling, conserving water and electricity, avoiding products with excess packaging etc. A new "Powered By You" program is allowing users to improve their health as well as the environment- one step at a time.

At California Fitness in Hong Kong, 24-Hour Fitness Worldwide's Asian subsidiary, gym-goers are powering the gym. When members exercise, the machine channels the energy created as electricity as opposed to losing it as heat. Gym member, Rita Wong, is a fan of this new program, "It's very good motivation. You can watch yourself burning fat to turn the light on".

On average, humans typically produce 50 watts of electricity during an hour-long workout. Adam Boesel, founder of The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon, estimates that 20 people working out for 24 hours would be enough to power a four-bedroom house for a month. Cardio machine workouts are now operating stereo systems, computers and other plug-in gadgets. Working out for just an hour could prevent the release of 4,380 liters of carbon dioxide per year.

Check out this You-Tube video to see how we could soon be saving energy by staying in shape!
Equinox gyms are committing to becoming more eco-friendly by using low VOC, recycled and renewable finish materials, using low toxic cleaning products and have launched initiatives to reducing their paper consumption. They also have partnerships with green technology providers Trion Air and Lutron lighting bringing the latest "eco-friendly" technology to their gyms.
If only Gwen and Lindsey could channel their workout energy at their local Equinox. At least we can all wash our “energy” clothes with our new Sport Detergent.

By: Mari Haughey

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