Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Bite:
Want laundry detergent fit for a kidnapped heiress? Repeat after us: Use the Bite's fave detergents to avoid unhealthy chems. It's a better kind of behavior modification.

The Benefits:
• Oil (not mind) control. If every U.S. household replaces one box of 48-ounce, petroleum-based powder laundry detergent with a vegetable-based one, we'll save enough oil to heat and cool 5,300 homes for a year.
• Coercing less irritation. Fragrances and harsh solvents such as ammonia in some conventional detergents can trigger allergies and asthma, and cause skin irritation.
• Joining a cult of fresh fragrances. You'll wanna take a nice, long whiff.
• Not losing concentration. All our fave liquid options are concentrated, so their production and transport uses less energy and packaging.

Personally Speaking:
As our resident laundry product tester, Jenifer (a devoted Laundress fan) has the cleanest clothes on the team by far.

Wanna Try:
• Mrs. Meyer's Laundry Detergent - concentrated, works like a charm, and we love the lavender scent ($15/64 loads).

• Ecover Laundry Powder - powder's always a nice, cheap bet; this version works almost as well as our fave liquid ($7/19 loads).

• Laundress Whites Detergent - solid bleach-free detergent that brings out the brightness in your whites and smells superfresh ($20/32 loads).
• OxiClean Free - for tough whitening jobs, it gets whites whiter without the fragrance in typical OxiClean; you can also use as a booster for colors ($10/28 loads).

For the Laundromat
• Dropps - portable (read: great for travel) liquid detergent in packets that biodegrade during the wash cycle; approved by the EPA's Design for the Environment program ($7/20 loads).

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