Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spotlight On: The Laundress

We love this blog posting on us from Closet Couture!

My track record for lacking the proper attention and care regarding my clothes made me particularly interested when I was approached by The Laundress, a company spearheaded by two female entrepreneurs who saw the need for creating a luxury fabric care and specialty detergent line. Declared to take the ‘chore out of laundry,’ I was more than willing to test a few of their products. (‘Frustration’ and ‘struggle’ are two associations that come to mind when thinking about the process of laundry.) The result is that these women have mastered the art of laundry with a balance of the eco-friendly science of their products and the convenience of a complete line of detergent that equips you for any situation (i.e. specific detergents for specific fabric needs.) My favorites are the Denim Wash, the Delicate Wash in baby scent, and their new All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. In the midst of marathon training for fall, I'm particularly obsessed with their new detergents targeted for keeping sports gear and exercise clothes clean: Sport Detergent and Sport Spray. In other words, if you could ever go green and simultaneously do your laundry in class and style, it would most certainly be encapsulated by The Laundress' solution for any laundry-related dilemma.

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