Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Blogger - Fabrice from Le Labo

We're happy to introduce Fabrice from the fragrance house Le Labo as our second guest blogger.

Most of you by now that we teamed up with Le Labo Fragrances to create our Rose 31 Signature Detergent:
If you haven't tried it yet, we promise you won't be disappointed - it smells amazing!

Here we are with Fabrice at our launch party:
We love how you can create a made-to-order fragrance just for you or you can buy one of their amazing signature scents like Rose 31!
Visit their store at 233 Elizabeth Street in NYC or order online here for more.

Smell my detergent...

I was excited when Gwen and Lindsey came to us last year to explore the idea of perfuming their detergent.

We are always interested by getting out of the traditional "spray" gesture to use perfumes...perfuming a detergent was a stretch we were excited to try.

After the first formulation and our own experimentation with the Signature/Rose 31, the results we so stunning that we were afraid our clients would stop buying our perfumes and only take showers with the Laundress detergent to perfume themselves...

And that's exactly what happened !

No, not really... but the success of the product, in difficult economic times, still surprised us and we learned a lot from this experience. Mainly that people respond very well to creativity, especially when they need to be more careful: they are willing to buy less, but to buy better...
And they also value these special initiatives that the "big brands" can't propose to them because if they are not too big to fail like some, they are often too big to be creative...

Like Le Labo, The Laundress has decided to be great instead of big...

That's why the sweet smell of their success is even more agreeable to our nostrils !

Keep on washing girls !!!

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