Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guest Blogger - Julie Naylon

We're so excited to feature our first guest blogger - Julie Naylon of No Wire Hangers. Clearly, we're big fans of hers as we've shared some of her tips with you before.
Be sure to follow her blog for more eco-conscience postings and get organizing! ;-)
xo, Gwen & Lindsey

Steps to Green Clean and Organize Your Closet by Julie Naylon of No Wire Hangers

Fall is in the air and there is no better time then now to revamp your closet. Whether you live in New York or Los Angeles a change of seasons means a rotation in the closet. The truth is that we only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The rest hangs there taking up valuable space and clogging up your closet. Here are some steps to help you get organized greenly.

1. Sort and Categorize - Take everything out and sort clothes according to type. Sweaters, jeans, short sleeve and so on. Also while you are at it if you have any wire hangers jabbing at you pull those out and recycle them.

2. Wear it or Share It - Once everything is separated its time to purge. Start with one category at a time. I highly recommend you try everything on. Clothes hang completely different on you than on the hanger. Look for anything that needs mending or items that could be altered. And don’t forget your shoes! See if they could use a shine and check the soles for wear. Everything in your closet should be ready to be worn so make sure everything is clean.

3. Align and Redesign - Now its time to reassemble your closet. Look for what I call prime real estate, the easiest and most accessible sections of your closet. This area should contain the items that you wear the most. Everything else should fall into place according to what works for you. You can hang clothes by type or by color. The most important thing is to make it work for you. That way it will be easier for you to keep it organized.

Once your clothes are put away all that’s left is your unwanted clothes. If you need the cash you could sell them or just make a donation for a tax write off. Here are some options for you but its best to see what’s available in your area by doing a quick internet search for resale clothing. Or check out http://www.earth911.org/ for where to donate.

To Sell:
Buffalo Exchange http://www.buffaloexchange.com/
Cross Roads Trading http://www.crossroadstrading.com/

To Donate:
Dress For Success http://www.dressforsuccess.org/
The Glass Slipper Project http://www.glassslipperproject.org/
Good Will http://www.goodwill.org/ or The Salvation Army http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/

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