Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here is this week's question and answer:

Q: "Hi there! I am so excited to have found your products through JCrew. I buy all my work clothes from them because I only wear natural fibers – silk, cotton, wool, leather, linen. I have some pretty pricey suits from their collection and want to take great care of them but HATE the dry cleaning expense. I already hand wash my own sweaters but I am wondering if I can use your shampoo and hand wash my wool gabardine suits, press with care, and not compromise the structural integrity of the items. Thoughts?" -Thanks! Amanda

A: "Hi Amanda, totally can. Lindsey and I actually wash all our blazers in the machine. Delicate/wool cycle/in our mesh bag with the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Obviously if this is too much you can hand wash. Hang to dry and steam well. The steamer makes it all come together.
Happy Laundering!" -Gwen

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Eileen said...

I love your products!!! I hope you can help do you get tar out of white cotton pants? I sat on a bench in hot weather and now I have this tar on them! Can you help?


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