Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Be prepared with tips from The Laundress!

Do you only serve white wine in fear of your guests spilling? Seriously…Anyone in the know of The Laundress by now would be pouring the Pinot Noir!

Follow our “pit” stain recipe. You can even watch us doing it. This also remedies stains from coffee, chocolate, etc...

Do you have your beautiful antique linens in the drawer because you don’t know how to care for them? Get over it! IF they are antique, they are washable as an antique is PRE-synthetic fabric. Cotton, linen, or silk.

Just make sure to treat as a delicate. Use our Mesh Washing Bags, hand wash or delicate cycle and wash accordingly.

Remember - Wash & Stain Bars are perfect for targeting stains in nook and crannies like lace.
FYI-IF you are guilty of the above and chose dark synthetic linens instead because it is “safer” you will end up with a bigger mess. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester love oil (like dressing) and will be very stubborn to release such stains in the wash.

Do you have a cornucopia instead of your candlesticks in fear of wax dripping? It isn’t that bad. Light up. To remove wax, let it dry and harden. If you are anxious freeze it with ice or in the freezer. Scrape away as much of the hard wax as possible. Use a hot iron with a clean rag in between and soak up the excess wax, swiping the area always with a clean surface of the rag. Finish with some stain solution on the area and launder as normal.

Did you discover your perfectly cleaned and pressed white linens have mystery yellow spots?

We can’t stand this either…Why? We just learned that one of the pesky culprits is storing with starch!

So, to remove - soak well with our Stain Solution on the spots and a little kick of our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative then launder and press. To avoid in future - do not starch when in between using/storing. If you are keeping in a wooden drawer be careful as wood finishes can discolor the fabric as well. Use acid free tissue, acid free boxes, or a cotton protective bag.

The doorbell is ringing, the oven buzzer is going off, and everyone in the house is watching football… AND your tablecloth is a mess just pulled out of the drawer? Well, you’re lucky, even Lindsey’s 4 year old nephew can “operate” the Crease Release. Spray and hang!

You love your in-laws but...your house stinks from the family’s famous recipe! Just grab the Fabric Fresh and spray!

You pulled it all off….you are ready to serve your prize holiday meal - rip off the apron and your dress is now stuck between your legs! Don’t drop your dish, just put it down. Take Static Solution and spray a few mists in between you & the fabric.

Happy Holidays from The Laundress!
We are eating out!

(Just kidding.)

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