Friday, January 22, 2010


Here is this week's question and answer:

This question seems obvious so I am almost embarrassed to goes. What is the benefit of a fabric softener and should I be using this in my wash? I use the dryer sheets already. Will the fabric softener build up over time in my clothes? I always assumed this product was for just adding scent to your clothes. Help! I want my baby's clothes to look nice. Also, would fabric softener help my sheets look smoother?

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Amber-this is not a silly question at all! Fabric softener generally reduces static, is scented, and makes fabrics softer. It does coat the fabrics so we do not recommend using it on towels very often as it does reduce the absorbency. We also caution that it should not be used on childrens sleepwear because sleepwear has flame retardency by law and fabric conditioner reduces the retardency. I also don't recommend using it on synthetic fabrics either. Frankly, I don't use it at all. Our detergent has natural softening properties so I don't feel I need it very often. It will most likely make your sheets smoother though.

If you do choose to use fabric softeners snuggle and downy are made with animal fat which I think is probably not what you want for your baby. Our fabric conditioner is made from canola oil. Dryer sheets are good for static. I hope this is helpful for you.

Happy Laundering!


Hi Gwen,

Thank you very much for the prompt reply and all the information you provided me! Having consulted a laundry expert - you - I now feel confident to go forward with using my Laundress Baby Wash and dryer sheets! Great information too on the fabric softener; I may try some on my sheets and see what that does to help the wrinkling factor. I always take them out when they are 80% dry and lay the sheets out flat and the duvet still has some wrinkling. Maybe in my next order I will purchase some of your fabric softener to try. I wouldn't have bought those other brands you mentioned...funny thing is my 62yo mom always told me the additives in these fabric softeners are bad for your clothing and will break the fabrics down quickly. Thus the reason I have never used fabric softener!!!

By the way, I am becoming a HUGE Laundress fan and I have told everyone I know to buy your products! Am thinking of buying some for gifts too. After finding moth holes in one of my husband's sweaters I just decided to wash (using the machine hand wash cycle) everything and was really disappointed with the way they felt after air drying. Then I bought your wool/cashmere wash soap and decided to pick up some baby wash and dryer sheets too. Wow, I have found your wool/cashmere wash is an AMAZING cleaner and softener. Not only does it make our sweaters buttery soft but I was thrilled by the green nature of your products, this made me feel good as we began to reduce our dry cleaner usage.

Keep doing what you are doing, I am quite a fan.



The Coastal Chicster said...

What nice compliments she left for The Laundress. I agree. I have actually been wondering about the positives/negatives of fabric softener recently, and I've been cutting back. I don't put very many of my clothes in the dryer, either, so when this box of dryer sheets it gone, I think I'm done. As for the wool/cashmere shampoo...I LOOOOOVE IT! :) I also really like the delicates wash and the sweater stone. :)

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