Monday, August 2, 2010

Lindsey’s Yoga Mat Washing Recipe

Place your mat into the machine on a delicate cycle, preferably warm temperature.

Use The Laundress Sports Detergent to target bacteria that has built up on the mat.

Don’t worry your mat will not be slippery after washing. The Laundress Sport Detergent is a plant based formula that will not coat your mat or affect the performance.

Lay flat to dry, you will see some creases in your mat from being washed in the machine, these disappear once the mat is dry.

This is my mat after drying for a day.

The creases are gone and I am ready for my next class.

Tip: In between washing your mat spray with The Laundress Sport Spray to freshen up, remove odors and kill bacteria.


Paula said...

Lindsey, bold move, washing the mat!
I have been asking myself for some time if I can wear my sport-clothes straigt after spraying, withoug laundring them?

btw: a friend spotted my Detergent-bottles in the kitchen last week and was very pleased to see such a great design! Nothing to hide!

Reena Sharma said...

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Tanya Maya said...


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