Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This week's Ask the Experts


My daughter has a couple of silk dresses from Bonpoint that have stains on them. Is it safe to use the "Stain Solution" product on the stain and then wash the entire dress in the "Delicate Wash"? Thank you.


Hi Amy-

Yes, the Stain Solution is what you need. Below is the recipe to follow.


Happy laundering!

Hi Gwen,

I just wanted to thank you again for your message several months ago. I wasn't able to get the stain out of my daughter's silk dress because it sat for too long, but have been using many of your products for machine & hand washing and find them all very gentle and great smelling. Your videos inspired me to hand wash my cashmere sweaters and silk scarves -- I think it is fantastic that you have laundry tips that encourage people to wash their own things naturally.

Also took the plunge and washed my Hermes and Lacroix silks -- came out very soft.

Wishing you and your company continued success!

Best regards,

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