Monday, October 10, 2011

The Laundress Featured on Charlotte Moss: A Flair For Living

We absolutely love A Flair For Living so we're delighted to be featured on it!

Does anyone iron anymore?

Cathy, Charlotte’s sister in Mississippi passed along this great short film about ironing called “I Always do my Collars First.” This short documentary follows four Cajun women, and is an insightful and artful look at what most people consider a mundane chore. It shows how a simple ritual as ironing can weave its way through the fabric of family life and a create a sense of identity. Which got us thinking. Does anyone iron anymore? Do you? Below are a few of our favorite ironing products from New York’s very own The Laundress , Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs as well as some helpful tips and advice on ironing. So plug in that iron, and pull out your shirts, just remember, always do your collars first.

For The Laundress: go to
For Pottery Barn: go to
For Ballard Designs: go to

September 29, 2011
Charlotte Moss: A Flair For Living


somewhereinthyme said...

I love to iron. I like crisp clean and unwrinkled clothes and cannot afford to dry clean everything. Besides it is a rewarding task that one can start and finish. Yeah for old-fashioned ironing!
p.s. I love your ocean/beach scented products!

DeeAnna said...

I love to iron too!! I love the feeling of accomplishment when you see all of your work hanging beautifully in the closet. (I have a friend that irons her sheets...I'm not that crazy!)


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