Monday, October 17, 2011

The Laundress' first shop in shop in Europe

A dream laundry room in a dream store! Everyone should have a laundry room that looks like The Laundress shop in shop. A historical store, visionary and exclusive retailer for some of the most coveted and exclusive European brands, Mazzolari in Milan has taken The Laundress collection to a whole new level!

While you feel you are in the most sophisticated laundry room - the entire Fabric Care and Home Cleaning collection can be had here.    

As complete pharmacy junkies, Lindsey and Gwen could spend hours in this store - from sniffing to scouring every item in this “perfumery.” 


Profumeria Mazzolari is the historical luxury perfumery located in downtown Milan.

Founded in 1888, it started as a barber shop specialized in creating cologne and aftershaves. The passion for this world has been passed on for generations including the current owner Augusto. It was Agusto Mazzolari who expanded the store and servicing the female audience with an entire area dedicated to perfumes and beauty products.

Elegance, sophistication and tradition together with the continued research of exclusive and innovative brands make “Profumeria Mazzolari” one of the most renowned perfumeries in Europe.
Mr . Mazzolari and Gwen

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Anonymous said...

Spread the word! What a great location to initiate Europe's exposure to the cleanest clothes ever.
I am such a fan of The Laundress that I might just hop a plane to Italy.



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