Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tales from London - Wash & Stain Bar To The Rescue!

Gwen recently visited London and came back with stories and pictures from her travels. Today she tells us about her Laundress emergency, the delicious salad that caused it, and the miracle solution she happened to be carrying with her.  

It was the first proper lunch I had had in 3 days in which I actually got to sit down to eat. I'd been running around so much, eating a sandwich while walking and shopping, eating in cab, and so forth, I was quite looking forward to sampling some of the incredible cuisine London has to offer!

I was treating myself to the salad specials at the Rose Bakery at the Dover Street Market. Anyone who still thinks the food in Britain is bad is GROSSLY mistaken.

Anyhow, I enjoyed my salads immensely, except I had splattered some of that delicious salad dressing on my white t-shirt.  I still had another Laundress meeting, appointment and a dinner for that day with no time to waste. Being the Laundress lady - I certainly couldn’t tout a very noticeable stain around!  Luckily I had a Wash & Stain Bar in my bag that I planned on giving to my next client, so off I went to the bathroom to operate. 

A few things to note here. As a rule, I can’t stand stain removing during the day while wearing a garment - the wet blob just drives me crazy - but this was an emergency and had to be done. Secondly, there is nothing worse than using PAPER products in this procedure. But again, it had to be done, as it was my only resource in the bathroom.

Here was my process :

I wet the bar and rubbed it on the stain.

I needed a little more water, so I blotted the area*
*blot is the operative word here, do so very gingerly with water on the paper towel, you do not want to transfer paper pulp on your fabric and make the stain even worse with floating pulp.

Stuffed some fresh paper between me and the shirt to aid in the drying process, and lift the uncomfortably wet bit from my chest.

Presto - Gonzo!

Next time, we'll hear about the appointment Gwen went to afterwards!

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