Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SkillShare Presents The Laundress - Handwash Your Dry Clean-Only Items!

The Laundress is opening their doors for an in-house class for those in the New York area who want to banish those Dry Cleaning Blues for good! Hurry and sign up while space lasts, there are currently two sessions to chose from!

From SkillShare's Class Description:
Join the co-founders of the Laundress as they go over everything from washing a cashmere sweater to caring for your favorite "dry clean-only" shirt. They will share their tips and tricks on how to care for 90% of your wardrobe without having to run to the dry cleaners. Care for your item and your wallet!

Class Includes:
Hands-on washing demos focused on "dry clean-only" items.
How to wash everything from cashmere to silk and synthetics.
Washing recipes to take with you so that you can do it yourself at home
10% off the entire Laundress collection following the class

Or check out the SkillShare classes in your area!


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