Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another great posting from The Krafty Life...

I didn't think that so early in my blogging 'life' I would talk about a company more than once, but I have to say that The Laundress saved us the other night! 'A' and I took my girlfriends from San Francisco to "Zach's Cabin", a fantastic restaurant above the Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor's Gulch (you can only get there by skiing in or taking a snow CAT!). The girls were toasting us for hosting them in Vail and I guess 'A' got so excited that he knocked a huge glass of red wine down the entire front of himself! He handled it really well, but all I could think was "goodbye to your favorite jeans and your Tom Ford shirt." He couldn't even run home to change because we were on the top of a mountain! After a few hours we got home and I grabbed his clothes and The Laundress "Stain Solution" and went right to work on them. To my utter surprise, ALL of the wine came out of everything. I just couldn't believe it. This stuff is magic and saved some of 'A's' favorite things and I'm grateful that the product doesn't have all these harmful toxins in it (so I didn't even need a gas mask!). I bet 'A' is glad that I asked for "The Ultimate Cleaning Bucket" from The Laundress for Valentine's Day - I have all the flowers and jewelry I need - THIS was the luxurious gift I wanted! I think he's a converted customer now too.
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