Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Laundress on Ideal Bite...

Think you gotta dry clean your cashmere?

The Bite

You're trippin'. Try an eco delicate wash instead of dry cleaning to avoid use of the toxic chemical perc, which has pretty much the same effect on the environment as too much acid has on your brain.

The Benefits
· LSDegriming your clothes. We actually found these to work as well or better than dry cleaning (and actually, dry cleaning can wear out cashmere and wool).
· No perc-induced bad trips.Classified as a groundwater contaminant by the EPA, 70% of perc used in dry cleaning ends up in nature.
· More cash for blacklight posters. Even our most expensive picks end up being cheaper than dry cleaning.
Personally Speaking
Jenifer's sworn off dry cleaners for good, at least for sweaters – washing hers in netted laundry bags on delicate with Laundress's Wool & Cashmere wash got them softer, fluffier, and better smelling than ever.

Wanna Try?
Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo- our hands-down favorite ain't cheap, but it gets clothes clean and fresh smelling; made with plant-based soaps and oils. For all other delicates: Laundress Delicate Wash ($18/16 ounces).
Kookaburra Wool Wash- a less expensive option for wool; lanolin and tea tree oil disinfect naturally (and is an effective bedbug deterrent) while keeping your sweaters soft and nonpilly ($11/16 ounces).
Ecover Delicate Wash- not quite as lux or amazing smelling as the Laundress stuff, but it's also plant-based and still got our test garments nice and clean ($6/32 ounces).

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