Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW YORK March 30, 2009
Laundress and Order
The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Cleaning Service

There comes a time when everyday citizens must take the laundry into their own hands.

But when stains can’t be strong-armed into submission, it’s time to alert The Laundress. The eco-cleaning enforcers maintain an arsenal of toxic-free shampoos, pumice stones, stain bars, and fabric fresheners for wool and cashmere.

Ship your sweaters/scarves/blankets right to the Manhattan office, where special victims are given an all-green hand-washing with a coconut-based product that revives lanolin in the yarns. Private vendettas against moths? Pilling? Wrinkles? All sweaters are treated with a cedar scent that naturally repels menacing fabric-nibblers. Then they are air-dried flat, defuzzed, steamed, folded, and shipped back to you in cotton storage bags.

At $28 a pop, anything less would be criminal.

Available online at DC readers can clean five sweaters for the price of four with code dcsweater (feel free to use it more than once) through April 23. Doesn’t that smell nice?

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