Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW YORK March 30, 2009
Laundress and Order
The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Cleaning Service

There comes a time when everyday citizens must take the laundry into their own hands.

But when stains can’t be strong-armed into submission, it’s time to alert The Laundress. The eco-cleaning enforcers maintain an arsenal of toxic-free shampoos, pumice stones, stain bars, and fabric fresheners for wool and cashmere.

Ship your sweaters/scarves/blankets right to the Manhattan office, where special victims are given an all-green hand-washing with a coconut-based product that revives lanolin in the yarns. Private vendettas against moths? Pilling? Wrinkles? All sweaters are treated with a cedar scent that naturally repels menacing fabric-nibblers. Then they are air-dried flat, defuzzed, steamed, folded, and shipped back to you in cotton storage bags.

At $28 a pop, anything less would be criminal.

Available online at DC readers can clean five sweaters for the price of four with code dcsweater (feel free to use it more than once) through April 23. Doesn’t that smell nice?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We absolutely love Rubie Green's new bedding line and are thrilled they recommend our products to care for their eco-friendly and absolutely amazing fabrics!
Don't forget to check out Rubie Green's founder Michelle's blog " MA Belle" here!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Laundress on Ideal Bite...

Think you gotta dry clean your cashmere?

The Bite

You're trippin'. Try an eco delicate wash instead of dry cleaning to avoid use of the toxic chemical perc, which has pretty much the same effect on the environment as too much acid has on your brain.

The Benefits
· LSDegriming your clothes. We actually found these to work as well or better than dry cleaning (and actually, dry cleaning can wear out cashmere and wool).
· No perc-induced bad trips.Classified as a groundwater contaminant by the EPA, 70% of perc used in dry cleaning ends up in nature.
· More cash for blacklight posters. Even our most expensive picks end up being cheaper than dry cleaning.
Personally Speaking
Jenifer's sworn off dry cleaners for good, at least for sweaters – washing hers in netted laundry bags on delicate with Laundress's Wool & Cashmere wash got them softer, fluffier, and better smelling than ever.

Wanna Try?
Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo- our hands-down favorite ain't cheap, but it gets clothes clean and fresh smelling; made with plant-based soaps and oils. For all other delicates: Laundress Delicate Wash ($18/16 ounces).
Kookaburra Wool Wash- a less expensive option for wool; lanolin and tea tree oil disinfect naturally (and is an effective bedbug deterrent) while keeping your sweaters soft and nonpilly ($11/16 ounces).
Ecover Delicate Wash- not quite as lux or amazing smelling as the Laundress stuff, but it's also plant-based and still got our test garments nice and clean ($6/32 ounces).

Read more here:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another great posting from The Krafty Life...

I didn't think that so early in my blogging 'life' I would talk about a company more than once, but I have to say that The Laundress saved us the other night! 'A' and I took my girlfriends from San Francisco to "Zach's Cabin", a fantastic restaurant above the Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor's Gulch (you can only get there by skiing in or taking a snow CAT!). The girls were toasting us for hosting them in Vail and I guess 'A' got so excited that he knocked a huge glass of red wine down the entire front of himself! He handled it really well, but all I could think was "goodbye to your favorite jeans and your Tom Ford shirt." He couldn't even run home to change because we were on the top of a mountain! After a few hours we got home and I grabbed his clothes and The Laundress "Stain Solution" and went right to work on them. To my utter surprise, ALL of the wine came out of everything. I just couldn't believe it. This stuff is magic and saved some of 'A's' favorite things and I'm grateful that the product doesn't have all these harmful toxins in it (so I didn't even need a gas mask!). I bet 'A' is glad that I asked for "The Ultimate Cleaning Bucket" from The Laundress for Valentine's Day - I have all the flowers and jewelry I need - THIS was the luxurious gift I wanted! I think he's a converted customer now too.
Click here for more from The Krafty Life Blog

The Laundress Sweater Service is Back!

Care for your items and the environment at The Laundress instead of your dry-cleaner. The Laundress “Sweater Service” is now offered bythe experts in laundering. We will hand wash, treat stains, de-pill, stream, wrap and ship back in our Hotel Laundry Bag, Laundress style.

Price per item: $28.00

Click here for details.


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