Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Tip Day : Cleaning Slate!

This week's Tip comes from a very inventive customer! We've told you about how amazing the Delicate Wash is for pampering your intimates, but did you know that it works on things aside from your naughty nighties? We received this bright idea recently from a crafty customer - here's what she tells us :

Just wanted to let you know of  a wonderful new use I discovered for your Delicate Wash.  We have beautiful slate floors in our kitchen that are not sealed.  Finding a cleaning product for these floors was getting very challenging until I read an article that suggested using a delicate fabric wash.  We are now using the Delicate Wash…1/4 cup..and the floors have never looked better. Not only does it work great on our clothes but it’s perfect for our delicate unsealed slate.

Enjoy all of your products but this has been our best latest discovery.

Sharon Predes

Many Thanks, Sharon!

We love to hear about new and inspired ways to use our products, email us if you've had a similar flash of brilliance!

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