Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Media Roundup - August 2012

Just thought we would share with you today a few of the recent mentions we've had in and around the interweb!

Being a professional Laundress can be a tough job - especially when there are so many questions to be answered. But a laundress has got to do what a laundress has got to do - and our Laundress ladies do it with pleasure. Lindsey was asked by the Houston Chronicle about the Do's & Dont's of laundering linens for a piece they wrote on the importance of investing in your home linens.

Racked had a different sort of question for Lindsey - this one not about laundry at all! 

Go to Racked to see Lindsey's favorite shop in New York City. 

And finally, a bit of a cautionary tale. The National mentioned the Laundress in a story about the rise of knitwear and - it's becoming a theme - the importance of taking care of your investments to prolong the life of your clothing. Unfortunately, they also recommended dry cleaning, which we do not. 

The Laundress provides all the products you need to clean your knitwear - whether you have a machine or not - safely and effectively at home. There is no need to visit the dry cleaners - check out our site, or better yet, send your hopeless cases to our Washing Service, instead!

Oh! One last is almost gone for The Laundress SKILLSHARE Classes this summer - 2 different dates. GO HERE for more information on the class, and GO HERE to sign up!

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