Monday, May 10, 2010


Q: "Hello, I have a beige miu miu jacket that I am not exactly quite certain of the material. The outside seems to be beige cotton and thelining inside is red silk or some sort of soft silk like material. The label does not has developed on its exterior (cotton side) yellow stains. I must have worn it out and forgotten to wash it and stored it away. The caring instructions say do not wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, professional dry clean only with low moisture...the dry cleaners in my town has refused to accept the jacket saying they cannot remove the stain. I have tried rubbing salt and water on it but has not worked. Love the jacket...but what can I do?"
-C.K. in Switzerland

A: Normally, I would say to you should wash it BUT...since it is white and with a red silk lining, I am afraid the lining will bleed color. I washed a cream velvet jacket of mine and it washes perfectly except the maroon synthetic lining bleeds (which can easily happen). Having said that....a good quality item..should be fine. Lindsey washes her Chanel jackets all the time and they are perfect. You should spot treat with a stain remover vs. salt. Salt will not really do anything for stains. There is a crazy Swiss product that is made in Switzerland that is a stain bar that someone gave us. It is made from the liver of an ox - (animal enzyme). It works really well- it is an old-school, kind of recipe. It is called REINA ochsengallen-fleckensife savon-detacheurau fiel de boeuf. I can send you a picture if you like. I will attach the recipe/video for spot treating that we use for our stain bar- which is non-animal based vegetable and borax...
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Happy laundering!

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