Monday, May 17, 2010

We're Featured on Denim Therapy's blog

Oh You Dirty-Dirty Girl!
–Nikki Cho Russo

Denim Therapy has been in bed with The Laundress and we love the service she gives…laundering our denim, that is. Oh, behave! I bet you didn’t know that besides their amazing Denim Wash product, they have a special denim cleaning service?

The Laundress Denim Service offers the best care for your beloved (and often overpriced) denim. There’s no need to run to the dry cleaners or deny those beloved pairs a good washing because you are afraid they will fade, won’t be the same or have the perfect hole ruined. Fret no more, we have the perfect method which combines The Laundress Denim Wash and cleaning from the experts in laundering.

So, don’t let your dirty little dungarees get out of control. Shower them with love in the loving hands of The Laundress Denim Service for only $20 per item. It’s all about the Denim Therapy.

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