Monday, May 3, 2010

The Laundress in Swaddle

The Laundress in "Swaddle" - a baby and children's boutique located on 18th St in the Homewood Village of Birmingham, AL.
2825 18th St S Homewood, AL 35209.
Ph: 205.870.3503
Owners: Marissa Mitchell and Emily Rhodes. Allie works in the store with them. In the picture below, Emily is on the left, then Marissa, then Allie.
They are having their one year store anniversary this July!

Some Laundress "miracles" they have experienced:

Using the Stain Solution, Emily got out hot pink ink stain of white pants that had already been laundered and dried in dryer over a year ago.

Marissa has a 2yr old little girl and 4 yr old little boy. She has gotten out numerous stains from her active on the go kids clothing. Her little boy has eczema and can not use most detergents. They love the baby detergent and fabric conditioner. Has not irritated his skin once! Also loves spraying the kids down with fabric fresh!

Countless customers have gotten out old set in baby spit up stains with the wash and stain bar and stain solution.

Allie who works in the store has sensitive skin and has gotten hooked on the baby detergent and dryer sheets herself. Loves the scent! Hates ironing so will pop a dryer sheet in the dryer to freshen and smooth clothes.

They all love spraying the store and themselves down with the baby fabric fresh!

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